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Project Description
The latest version of the ArmA Manager has some very nice features. First of all it allows you to manage a server remotely without having to have direct access to the server itself for reboots, restarts, or config file editing.

Demo Video

This was written because TeamDUCK has several servers that is uses for gaming, and it was getting complex to manage each one with different settings. JoeSnuffie wrote an ASP.NET application that allowed us to start and stop a TeamSpeak server and ArmA server from a remote location. As well as Ban, Unban, and change some settings in the config file. It has grown from there, as CaptainMurphy wrote a basic program and slowly added a ton of new features.

Feature List

Start and Stop ArmA server instance
Modify Config file with specialized information for a particular server
Set multiple missions to use in Queue
Server Name
Admin Password
Max Players
Message of the Day
Template File can be modified for each server to have special features not currently designated
Upload Mission files to server
Delete Mission files from server
Ban, Unban users
Manage an infinite number of servers
Manage users for server administration

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